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My husband and I have lived in Japan with our three young children for over two years. For most of our first year here, we would simply walk past the many aisles selling sauces, tinned food and other food cupboard items in our local supermarket. I would avoid making certain dishes because I found it time consuming to find a key ingredient or it would be stressful to do so when accompanied by my young children. I discovered that friends and other visitors to Japan had similar experiences.


After learning some basic Japanese and fuelled by my passion for cooking, I discovered that many of the ingredients that I used in my home country were available in my local store. Also by venturing into the aisles that I previously avoided I discovered new local flavours and Japanese produce that I was keen to incorporate into our family meals.


Cook in Japan  hopes to make the experience of food shopping a more interesting and enjoyable one. I hope that you find this website useful and that it enables you to have a more satisfying culinary experience during your stay in Japan. Itadakimasu!


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