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  • What is it?

    Sudachi is a small, round green Japanese citrus fruit that looks similar to a lime. It is a sour citrus that is not eaten as a fruit but used widely in Japanese cooking.

  • How can it be eaten?

    Its sharp tasting juice is used to flavour dishes in place of vinegar and its fragrant zest can be finely cut and used to season many dishes. It can be used as a garnish much like a lemon or lime. It is often served as a garnish with grilled fish, over which it is squeezed just before eating.


    In the summer months, sliced sudachi accompany soba and udon noodles to create a refreshingly cool dish. Sudachi is also used in ponzu, which is a light and refreshing sauce infused with Japanese citrus fruit. Ponzu is used as a dressing and dip for countless Japanese dishes.

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