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Vegetable Bouillon/ Consommé

Vegetable Bouillon/ Consommé

Yasai  Buiyon/ Konsome
やさい ブイヨン/ コンソメ
野菜 ブイヨン/ コンソメ
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    Maggi sells both a vegetable bouillon (ブイヨン) and a vegetable consommé (コンソメ), but only the bouillon cubes (キューブ) are vegetarian and free from allergens (pictured here). The consommé cubes contain chicken extract (チキンエキス). Both products are free of artifical additives. 


    One sachet makes 300ml of vegetable broth, Heiwa (ヘイワ) also produce a vegetarian bouillon (pictured above), which comes in granular form (顆粒). This is also free from artificial additives. To prepare, add 1-2 teaspoons to 200 ml of boiling water.

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